Join us for a one-day writing retreat on April 29, 2023 — in person!
Consider applying for retreats and residencies.
We are happy to announce our in-person retreat in Rocklin, CA on November 4th. This single-day retreat is open for new applications as well as email requests from our previous attendees. We are capping the number of attendees so please apply early. There is much to write about and we need community. Below is our schedule so that you can consider whether this format will work for you. If you have never participated in a VWV retreat, please consider applying. Of course, if you have questions or concerns, drop us an email so we can talk. Mostly, we hope to see you soon! 9:30 AM Coffee and Tea 10:00-11:00 Introductions, check-in, discussion about the prompt 11:00-2:00 Writing 2:00-4:00 Sharing our Writing: Listening to Others’ Writing (reading is optional but encouraged) Group discussion follows 4:00-4:15 Closing and mindfulness meditation.